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   TTSS. From the Inventor of Flight Scanning Technology in 1990


Welcome to the website for Travel Technology Systems and Services.

TTSS interface to a wide range of diversified systems to obtain pertinent information based on their clients requirements.

At any one time, we are handling data from many different regions around the world.
The world is our source. We can aggregate data from ANY internet connected system

Our strength is the ability to predict our clients requirements quickly and produce results within the client's budget.

Using our range of Dedicated Servers, we arecurrently processing in excess of 720GB of data per day.

Our dedicated Servers run at 100MB/s and are able to obtain data in excess of 900K Sectors per minute.
Multiple Dedicated Servers, running 100MB/s Internet connections

All software is written in-house and our unique search engine has undergone massive change since it's creation in 1990.

TTSS are the market leaders in travel data and have been the #1 source for charter/no-frill/scheduled flight data for more than 23 years.
We are known in the Travel trade as being second to none in Quality and Quantity plus the freshest updates.
Indeed our lead programmer invented Scanning technology for Tour Operators and Airlines.

EUROPE's #1 Dynamic Packaging Company

TTSS serves more Dynamically packaged holidays than any other European Tech company

TTSS Offer builder allows you to create over 2,000,000,000 (2B) offers on the Teletext Platform.

Over 85% of all offers on the website utilise TTSS technology

Our Offer builder works with ALL price comparison sites, either via Flatfile Upload or XML API

TTSS assisted our clients with over £ 430.498M turnover in the last 12 months.

TTSS is the longest established provider of Travel data (Since 1990, almost 24 years)

We upload 80M offers to daily

We upload 60M offers to daily

We feed billions of offers on

We feed some of the largest OTA's in the UK

We host some of the largest Travel Websites in the UK

We are the only Tech company in Europe with 3TB of DEDICATED Internet Bandwidth

#1 Market Leader in Dynamic Packaging

In August 2010 Teletext Holidays contacted TTSS and discussed using TTSS's superior system as one of it's preferred Tech partners.

Our Teletext project consists of 176 CPU Cores with 720GB Ram and 3TB of disc storage, on a 1GBit Lan !

We currently process in excess of 148M flight and 950M accommodation records, dynamically built ON THE FLY !

This offer teletext advertisers the possibility of building in excess of 17B holidays, the largest in Europe !

TTSS serves more than 3.6M (current peak is 4,103,852 on 23rd March 2013) requests from the Teletext Holidays website every day **OFF PEAK** and will average 5M requests during the Peak season.

**NO** other Tech company has the resources or the expertise of TTSS as we have been providing data for over 21 years.

We have been the launch channel for tour operators from day 1, for example, TUI used TTSS as the launch platform 18 months before rolling out to the industry, ThomasCook have been dealing with us for more than 15 years also.

TTSS Data provides the industry with data to facilitate more than 21m flight seats per year, more than any other UK Travel Technology company COMBINED !.

We have never needed to advertise our products or services, indeed you are visiting our site today due to word of mouth recommendation!

Call us today to see how you can increase your business.

Market Leaders in Dynamic Packaging

TTSS is known to provide at least 40%-70% more matched availability than it's nearest competitor, on price comparision platforms.

* Matched availability is where at least one or more offers are matched against a particular search request. It is not the QUANTITY but the QUALITY of the matched results

For more than 6 years, TTSS have been the Market Leaders in Dynamic Packaging proving more availability than any other European company, FULL STOP.

On the major Price Comparison platforms, we provide matched availability at least 70% more of the time than our nearest competitor.

Indeed, our On the Fly Dynamic Packaging system allows agents to package more than 4Bn (Yes 4 Billion) offers at the click of a button.

Pre Packaged Tour Operator Holidays

We process in excess of 104M Tour Operator packages and have the only system on the Planet that allows combining and mixing Pre-Package and Dynamic Packaging Holidays on the Fly.

All of our competitors require 'processing time' to turn on or off each element. TTSS are able to do this in real time!

Charter , No-Frill, Scheduled, Consol, Ad hoc Flights

TTSS process a massive range of flight data, guaranteed (the only company on the Planet with this guarantee!) updated multiple times per day!

All of our competitors rely (!) on out of date scanning methods that result in flight data being way (upto a week old !) out of date

TTSS's MD Invented Flight Scanning Technology in 1990 with the launch of Genesys and Late Look

TTSS are able (and we do already) dynamically package holidays without limit (we generate or process 90%+ of all holidays displayed on Teletext Holidays)
All code is written in house